Vs. II – Content vs. Satisfied

Contentment and satisfaction are two more states of mind that often get confused, and unfortunately often at great risk of inner peace. Like in the last post I am not going to go by any dictionary definition, but by my own perceptions of the terms.

Satisfaction is a fulfillment of the countless ebbs and flows of coming and going desires. It is reacting (see last post) to the needs of the moment. Totally impermanent. Desire relies on being repeatedly satisfied so that they can repeatedly come back. And its that repetition that carves out the deep pathways in our consciousness which makes it so much easier to continue the repeated action.

Contentment has nothing to do with fulfillment of desires. Contentment is a feeling that one might maintain regardless of a desire’s fulfillment and regardless of their coming and going. It is inner equanimity in an unstable outer world.

In other words, Maya feeds on satisfaction, not just the lack thereof . Moksha is almost defined by contentment.

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