Out of the Ether

I am the type of person that tends to take people’s word on things in many ways. So a few days ago I surprised myself when I went into a session with a psychic with a sense of intrigue and cynicism in equal measure. The notion that thought energy is transmitted from person to person given the right circumstances and environment appeals to my spiritual sensibilities. I’d never met this woman however, though I knew some people who’d gone to her before and had been impressed with the conversation they’d had.

A few very interesting things happened during this session. For one, at the beginning the psychic asks you to name a couple of people who have passed who you might want to hear from or know about their fate or whatever have you.

I named of friend/mentor of mine, a bloke called Jim who’d died about 18 months ago. The psychic first asked if he was about my age but I was willing to give her a pass on that one since his son is roughly in my age group and has a similar name. She picked up on Jim having been a father figure of sorts to me. Which surely wasn’t too big of a leap since he was about my father’s age. But what really got me was that she said that “he wants to know if you ever got the tattoo.” After Jim died I got a tattoo in his honor. I never spoke with Jim about getting the tattoo and during this session my arm where it resides was covered, so neither Jim (in life) nor the psychic should have known about it. So that got me. She also seemed to refer to his son asking me to deliver Jim’s eulogy, which he did, along with a couple of other unique details relating to his relationship with his son and with his father.

Then she just jumped into talking about something that I had planned to ask her about anyway which was the future of some of my writing projects. Without being asked she told me that I should be doing that, in particular she seemed interested in one that I am planning with a friend of mine. She said that she saw a publisher contacting me about it at some point. She said it had to do with “the afterlife” which is not entirely true. It has to do with the Devas and Devis. Unless she had another one in mind that I am not aware of yet. Who knows? I tend to go on quite a tear, creatively, ever 5-7 years.

Anyroad this friend and collaborator of mine, and I, had recently thrown around the idea of taking a trip out to New Jersey to visit the new temple in Robbinsville, New Jersey. During my conversation with the psychic, she informed me that I was going to New Jersey without my having mentioned anything about that plan. Oddly, she said that it was going to happen later this year, which I don’t think is likely at all for myself, my wife or my friend, but still interesting that of all places, she just pulled New Jersey out of the ether.

She also seemed to know about someone close to me who is buying a house, and also that I would be doing something with genealogy which has always been an interest of mine, and something that my mother has actually taken WAY beyond interest in recent years and has created books for all of the branches of our family. One of those branches had actually been on my mind recently.

Also, the psychic seems to be of a Catholic leaning. Filipino Catholic to be specific, and they tend to be more liberal than Roman Catholics. I bring this up because out of all of those who had a reading that I know of, I am the only one for whom she mentioned a previous incarnation. She told me that I had been a wolf and what that meant to my current disposition. I don’t know if this is because she could somehow sense my Hinduness. I took off all jewelry and covered all tattoos which might point to that fact.  So, very interesting that she’d say something about reincarnation.

I don’t know exactly what to make of all of this until I review the recording of the conversation, so maybe I will have more to say later. But I wanted to put this out there and see what anyone thinks.

Jai Hari Aum

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