Sita Ram

I mentioned in a recent post about a trip my wife and I took to visit friends in Indiana, how while visiting a temple one of our friends asked my wife (who I described as a “cautious seeker”) to go up to receive prasad. I really feel like that was a transformational experience for her. Since then she has ordered “The Idiot’s Guide to Hinduism” (believe it or not, I asked two of my most trusted sources for information on Hinduism including the friend I am referring to, which book they’d recommend for such a seeker and they both said the Idiot’s Guide was top notch), and has adamantly suggested that we visit one of the temples when we visit her home town in the near future. She’s printed out directions to it and everything. Not only that but while discussing how I came to choose Narayana/Venkateshwar/Vishnu as my ishtadevata and how/why anybody chooses the form of God that they do, she said to me “when I get to that point, I am thinking it will be Durga, or Saraswati” then mentioned that Hanuman was a candidate as well. I bring this up because even as she said it, I noted that she didn’t say “if”, but instead said “when I get to that point.”

It was and is a nice thought. I could never pressure her in getting to that point. So much so that it took my friend’s gentle coaxing her to experience what we do at the temple for me to realize that I should definitely be asking her more often to participate with me. I see now that it would be good for her and for my own keeping on track. To be clear, what my friend did was not in any way “pressure.” It was enough to show me and my wife that she has a clear wish to go further. At some point.  It will be on her own terms, but I will look forward to helping her find what she’s looking for. I think she will grasp it better than I have, and hold on to it with more conviction once she’s decided. She’s like that.

We are going to miss an upcoming Durga Puja which I immediately wanted to invite my wife to attend, but we are going to be back in town for a Kartikeya Abhishekam and a Balaji Puja which I hope we can attend together.

Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!
Sita Ram Sita Ram!

Jai Maa! Jai Maa! Jai Maa!

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One Response to Sita Ram

  1. Dhrishti says:

    “It was and is a nice thought.” — To say the least!

    “To be clear, what my friend did was not in any way “pressure.”” — From what you’ve written about this bloke, I’d say it was indeed pressure. This bhai of yours sounds awfully bossy. Still, without pressure the world would never know the beauty and strength of diamonds. We often need pressured out of our comfort zones for us realize more of our Self.

    “It was enough to show me and my wife that she has a clear wish to go further. At some point.”–Interesting. Your friend is starting to sound suspiciously intuitive, hopefully for the benefit of you both.

    I would encourage you to encourage her to start with Maa Durga or Saraswati if that’s where she feels pulled, to research thoroughly before she thinks she wants to settle, and also to understand that her ishta can change as she evolves.

    I think Kartikeya abhishekam sounds lovely.

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