Eat It With Your Mouth

by Aranyakananda

My friend referred to in the last post has a handful of verbal eccentricities. In short, he’s an unusual bloke in the best possible way. One thing that stands out is that when he offers you a piece of food, he’ll sometimes tell you “eat it with your mouth.” As though there is any other way.

But there really is.

He may say I am right or he may say he’s just being colorful, but I think that “eat it with your mouth” is a subtle reminder to eat the food, take in its nourishment, and even enjoy it as it passes the taste buds, but to not involve the mind unduly in the exercise. Taste buds themselves, I think, cannot form true attachments to flavors, the effects of sugars, etc. And even when that stuff gets into the blood stream it does not become an issue until the mind puts its stamp of approval on it say “mm, yes, I’ll have more of that then!”

So it is a very delicate maneuver required to allow oneself to enjoy something with the taste buds yet let that be an end to it. To some degree the mind has already butted in. But the mind does not have to be the gatekeeper. It can be a temporary contracted employee on Project Eating of the Food. Once one has a good working relationship with the mind on that project, others can be carried out in similar harmonious collaboration.

Take a bite out of life and eat it with your mouth, friends.

adhibhutam ksharo bhavah

purushas cadhidaivatam

adhiyajno ‘ham evatra

dehe dehabhritam vara

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One Response to Eat It With Your Mouth

  1. Dhrishti says:

    This friend of yours DOES sound terribly eccentric and colorful. It’s great, and says a lot about yourself, that you’re able to see the (intended?) deeper layers of things said… with your friend’s mouth.

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