by Aranyakananda

Last night gave us a rare opportunity to see a total lunar eclipse, which turned the mood blood-red for the second time this year. To misquote Peter Noone, I “don’t know much about astronomy, but I do know” that this is a rare enough occurrence to give pause to sky watchers worldwide.

It held a different meaning for me. The thought passed through my brainspace last night that in observing this eclipse, we were all able to have an experience that was very symbolic of the life we live in the material world. What we were seeing was a shadow of ourselves reflected back to us off the moon. Not only when we look in the mirror are we seeing but a shadow of our True Self reflected back, but when we receive feedback from “others” (whatever that means), it is yet another type of shadow of our true nature that we are processing, but, like in the case of the Earth’s shadow on the surface of the moon) the reflection of ourselves we process from feedback from others, is framed first and foremost by that person’s opinion.

That is why I like to remind people that “other peoples’ opinion of me is none of my business.” Not only is it not healthy to really worry about, but its like playing a game of Telephone. The data about who you really are passes through so many filters along the way that by the time you get it, it is worthlessly skewed.

Hari Aum

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