The TGIF Retraction

by Aranyakananda

“TGIF” has long been an expression that’s given me a giggle, and cause for reflection, as you’ve seen once or twice if you’ve followed this weblog. This morning my wife gave me yet another reason to reflect on it. As I sat on the bed trying to wake myself up, she came in and said “Thank God it’s Friday…well…thank ‘time’ that it’s Friday.” Upon hearing this I teased her about being “deliberately and openly atheistic.” But I think that she, being somewhat of an agnostic who always feels there are bigger fish to fry than to look into spiritual matters, was really just being careful to be true to herself and her present state. It doesn’t concern me. I love her enough to give her the time she needs to work it all out, a courtesy we should give anyone. She practices similarly by saying “OMG” rather than “Oh my God”. It is not just trendy letter-play. I have heard her start out with “Oh my G-” then consciously start over with “OMG”.

Funny enough, her saying “Thank time it’s Friday” is not atheistic at all. “Time” is closely associated with various Hindu deities: the yet-to-come avatar of Vishnu, Kalki, and Kali Maa, as well as Shiva, and probably others. In short, God (Brahman, really) IS time, and time IS God even though time also happens to be a function of Maya. There is no time but the eternal “now”. And the only eternal is Brahman. After all, the past only exists in our memories and the future only exists in our imaginations. To be caught up in either one is to lose oneSelf. Just like to be consumed in God-Consciousness is to lose oneself.

Hari Aum.

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1 Response to The TGIF Retraction

  1. Dhrishti says:

    When I was a child and somewhat in Christian circles, I recall a very sweet friend of mine who, in her devotion to the lord and commitment to using only “good” language, would exclaim things like, “Pineapple!” or “Banana!” when she really meant some kind of swear word. Even then, myself and a few others wondered to ourselves what the difference in utterance really amounted to if the sentiment behind whatever was said precisely mirrored that of some other utterance. After all, if you really mean, “FUCK!” but you actually say, “Pineapple!” aren’t you really still saying the “bad” word? Surely the same goes for “god words.”

    I’d be curious to know, if someone has invested enough thought to know that they aren’t totally cool with actually saying “Oh My God,” why does it not make sense to also remove the popular “OMG” from their vocabulary when “OMG” is even closer to “Oh My God” than “Pineapple” is to the f-bomb?

    And what will be said as time is proven to be as imaginary as God?

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