Superstitious Double Whammy?

By Aranyakananda

The subject of luck has come up on this blog at various times. Friday the 13th has been the topic of at least one or two posts. But tomorrow is unique in that it is Friday the 13 and it is a full moon. My Facebook feed has been inundated with posts about this double-dose of “bad luck.” First and foremost, I don’t believe in bad luck. But let’s just assume for the purposes of this post that I do.

So we’ve got Friday the 13th, a date connected with “bad luck” for various reasons, and we’ve got the day of the full moon converging. A full moon is supposedly when all the loonies come out or whatever. Whatever it is that makes werewolves do their thing supposedly holds sway over normal humans to a lesser degree on the monthly occasion of the purnima.

For Hindus, any Purnima is an auspicious occasion. Which is why often times pujas are held on the date. Tonight is Sri Sathya Narayana Puja at my temple, for example. Auspicious tendencies and spiritual power is heightened at such a time. And I think this is probably related to the werewolf myth in a roundabout way. These tendencies and consciousness are heightened, but like anything, with these possibilities made manifest during purnimas, comes the possibility for their opposite to manifest. Great care is to be taken at this volatile time and that is why pujas are undertaken. It is only a volatile time for the unobservant. The non-vigilant. It is a time for awareness of the Self.

As long as this awareness is present, then purnima (the full moon) will cancel out any “bad luck” that otherwise might manifest due to it being “Friday the 13th. Unfortunately paranoia (superstition) tends to set in when you’ve seen too many movies.

Aum Namo Narayanaye Namaha

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