by Aranyakananda

…and speaking of luck, per the last post on this blog, last night I was in Hobby Lobby (a place so very Christian in reputation that I was worried I would burst into flames just walking in) and I found a poster which gave me cause for pause.

“I am not lucky, I am blessed!” it read.

This is a dichotomy that a good friend of mine and I have revisited from time to time in our discussions. I do not believe in luck, and he tends to avoid the idea of any individual being particularly more “blessed” than any other as it promotes blatant duality, not to mention the larger-scale idea of a “Chosen people”, among other reasons.

Hinduism, indeed is kind of a middle ground in this respect in that there is no such thing as blind luck. Karma trumps randomness at all times. And many would say that in order for one to be “blessed” it would take a situation wherein God were playing favorites to some degree, if only for a moment, but repeatedly and on demand. This is why we don’t pray for things for for things to happen for us. We just pray to know Him. Not that this is exclusive to Hinduism, but the “blessed individual” is more of a Christian concept, I think we’ll all agree. We still feel gratitude for all that befalls us even if we do make our own destiny, inasmuch as how we react to circumstances will give life the appearance of trial or triumph.

We are not lucky. We are not blessed. We are blucky.

Prabhu kō saba gaurava.

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