by Aranyakananda

Inside my home, where I feel like the real me truly resides, it is quiet. It is peaceful.
Just outside my window is a playground. Almost every day on that playground, at some point there is a child who yells out to another one of the children, “Maya!…Maya!…Maya!…Maya!…”
Eventually this child is heard and his demands are met. And he is quiet.
Until next time he starts up again, yelling “Maya!…Maya!…Maya!…

A parable for life, I think.

Aum Shankaranarayanaya Namaha
Jai Hari Aum.

PS: For those of you paying attention, during the last post I mentioned that my next one (this one) would be about an aspect of Hindu religion that I myself do not understand. This is not that post. I will get to it.

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