Humility on the Grandest Scale

by Aranyakananda

Did you know the water god Varuna manifested as fluid in the bladder of a demon? It’s true. Well, it’s myth, but you get what I’m saying.

The infamous asura king, Ravana had obtained certain auspicious powers by meditating at the feet of Shiva. In doing so he earned the rights to a powerful lingam. He’d earned it but that didn’t mean he could keep it forever though. As with anything in life if you are not vigilant, you lose what is most dear to you. And so the gods set out to separate Ravana from the lingam, knowing that if he put it down he’d be unable to retrieve it. Varuna being the water god, got the job. In making Ravana need to relieve himself, he was able to fix the lingam to the earth where it sits to this day in Vaidyanath, India.

Surely even this vignette I have provided is to some extent out of context, and I am sure that I do not know exactly what the intention behind the story was. But my interpretation is that if a deity such as Varuna could become waste fluid in order to maintain what represented dharma, the lingam in this case, then do we not aggrandize the Self by way of humility of the self?

Aum Shankaranaraya Namaha!

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