Same Thing, Different Day

by Aranyakananda

Today I noticed something as I sat at my cubicle and a co-worker and I bounced our respective work-related frustrations off one another. It gets us through the day – “You won’t believe what this person just said to me!”, that kind of thing. I guess it is pretty much a form of gossip, but with less malice than the usual type. But enough excuses.

I work in inside sales over the phone if you don’t know. What I noticed was, well, a bit elementary, but still invigorating. See, today and yesterday were almost carbon copies of one another when it came to that type of aggravation. People were rude. They were curt with me. They were suspicious of the purpose of my call. They’d be coy, they’d be blatantly misleading or un-forthcoming with information that would help me do my job.

Yesterday this was annoying and just plain irritating. Yesterday was not fun.
Today, the same things were amusing, and at times outright funny. Today was a very good day. Today I found myself very spot-on and ready with retorts to questions from potential clients who were genuinely interested in what I had to offer them. Yesterday in the same situation, I was just not even prepared for it. I was dull and dimwitted. Because yesterday I did not even expect such an opportunity to arise.

Attitude. I made myself believe that.

Today seemed like a second chance to decide for myself how things were going to go rather than letting outside circumstances choose for me. I have already said in another post how I have made the repetitive nature of my job work to my advantage by making it a day-long mantra. And here today I found another way to burn off some karma with a smile.

As a friend and guru of mine likes to say “This is how it is right now.” And that was true of today. Making the best of any circumstance really is, I don’t know, I don’t want to say a “virtue” but definitely an advisable outlook.

Jai Harihara Aum

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