“Use Your Outside Voice.”

by Aranyakananda

When it comes down to it, all we really have to rely on is that inner voice that guides us through many a trial. I believe that the inner voice is the voice of the Jnana yogi, but it is also the object of my Bhakti yoga. And it is that voice that guides our Karma yoga. It is all we have and it directs us to all that is real, in those three ways. But I have also come to try to follow a rather interesting spiritual practice this spring. I’ll try to illustrate without using confusing examples. But let’s say someone criticizes you and you know that this person does not know you well enough to make such judgements. Before completely disregarding such criticisms, I make it a point to go through this person’s argument to try to glean from it anything that might be of value.

Why bother, you may ask, when I’ve already said this person doesn’t know me?

Because I believe that because I am non-different from you and we are non-different from the Whole, that through your words even if “I” have never met “you” before, you can still offer me something. All I have to do is take an honest look at your words and ask myself, even if he doesn’t know me, was what he said true? If so, it would appear to be a lucky guess, no doubt, but truth is truth. This is not to suggest that anyone any random stranger walks up and says to me is true. But: We cannot be hindered from hearing the truth by egocentric matters of “you” not knowing “me”. Sometimes in the unexamined life it comes to pass that “you” know “me” just as well as I do.

And so, I find that the Outer Voice is one and the same with the Inner Voice. Or to put it another way, anyone can be your guru. That is all.

Jai Hari Aum

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