Superficial Sword-Waving, As It Were

by Aranyakananda

Y’ever find yourself arguing the most trivial points imaginable? Like why anyone could possibly like country music? Or how anyone could possibly drink Dr. Pepper? Well I, unfortunately have found myself on that end of these very same arguments. And there is no winning side in an argument like that. Both are a matter of personal taste, all of which very well may be, I might add, completely programmed by genetics. I am sure yours have been much less superficial than music and soda but my guess is that you can relate on some level.

But I have had these exact arguments. And there is no force that could possibly drive them other than the ego. The desire to be “right” or even the desire for my opposition to be “wrong”. To vanquish them with my superior taste in music and refreshments. We’ve always got to know something that our foe does not. To be a part of the in crowd. Gah! What nonsense! But it happens. And I am only pointing it out so that next time, you(I)’ll see the futility of it all before you(I) even get started.

It is my hope that through wisdom, people like us (I am assuming by now if you are still reading that you have had this experience) can eliminate this type of futile positioning in our everyday discourse. After all, wars – actual wars! – are fought over arguments that can not, by their very nature, have a winning side. Think Gaza Strip. And while you’re at it, think about your own willingness to entertain the possibility that your own religious convictions may be a matter of opinion.

Shanti, Shanti, Shanti!
Jai Hari Aum.

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