Mother Nature’s Son – One For Prithvi Devi

by Aranyakananda

Have you noticed that even those who are decidedly Monotheistic in a Abrahamic sort of way, in times of meteorological uproar will turn their displeasure on “Mother Nature”? It is at this time that they are forced to come to terms with the idea that either God has an “other” or that at least at these times God takes on the guise of the female ne’er-do-well, Mother Nature.

And granted, on a bright, sunny day or out in a beautiful open meadow with a babbling brook and all that, they are just as likely to exalt the charms of this very same Mother Nature. At least I would think so. But you wonder sometimes when you hear the talk in each of these two seasons, whether this is the same “Mother Nature” they are talking about. Damned and disdained in one season and deified in another.

Just an observation.

Aum Prithvidevaye Maa

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2 Responses to Mother Nature’s Son – One For Prithvi Devi

  1. Mahalaya says:

    I will never understand why folks get so worked up over the weather…and it had never occurred to me that they very often, do switch the blame to our Mother. I was just praying to Her the other day…and I had a question to ask. I asked why it seemed that She always seems to bear so much of this world. Perhaps it is to show us what true Love and sacrifice look we can do our best to become that. Though they blame Her for the snowflakes here…I know She must laugh at such logic.
    Mother Natures Son, is one of the breadcrumbs of my lifetime. As a child I used to sing John Denver’s version. Only to find out a few years ago that the original, written by the Beatles was spawned at an ashram in Rishikesh.

  2. Shrini says:

    Lol. Good observation.

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