Dreams on Film

by Aranyakananda

Increasingly popular in stating one’s disbelief in a story told, is the phrase “pics or it didn’t happen” or “film or it didn’t happen” or something similar. Basically what is being said is that unless I see evidence of what you are saying, on film, then I don’t believe you. As though they are suggesting that you may have been dreaming the whole episode. And, by extension, suggesting that if it were a dream then it did not in fact “happen”.

Never mind that photos and film can be altered. There is another factor emerging that muddies the water even more. Great advances have been made over time and continue to be made toward a day when we can actually record on film our dreams. To put it the best way I can in my own words, neurologists have recognized certain areas of the brain being triggered by certain emotions and by extension certain types of thoughts. The more science narrows down correlation between trigger and thought, a more detailed picture of what the dream is can be formed. Then all that needs to be done is translate those emotions/thoughts into pictures. And from there it is a matter of graphic designers creating the setting and the characters and voila! you’ve got yourself a movie of your dream.

So then when your friend says “film or it didn’t happen” all you’ve got to do is press play. How are we to say that these computer-generated images on the screen are not the same as the way our minds generates and constructs our world based on the thoughts it thinks and the images it translates them into to form its perceptions? Well for one thing, they might say, one is man made and one comes from within man. Others might question whether there is a difference. There is a principle of String Theory called the Holographic Principle which asserts that everything that is happening in our lives and all around us is merely a reflection back from the farthest edge of the universe. Which makes our lives the dream of the Dreamer. Which makes our lives a microcosm of that.

Jai Hari Aum.

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2 Responses to Dreams on Film

  1. Shrini says:

    I did my samrakshanam today – feeling very happy and proud to have sudharshan and shashang imprints on my shoulders.
    Never had an aacharya but was talking about Srimad Aandavan for sometime. I quit smoking one day and the very next day I could meet him. Now I am officially a Shri Vaishanavite with an Aarcharya who is very important in our dharma. I pray to our Lord Vishnu to bless me to surrender to him.
    Just thought of sharing with you. I have learnt quite a few things from your blog.

    • treadmarkz says:

      Very happy to hear that Shrini, and I hope for the best of everything for you in your spiritual journey through Lord Hari’s grace.

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