The Home Mandir Complexification

by Aranyakananda

Over the years, we’ve collected a small bucketful of pennies that we never are in the mood to take to the bank and cash in. You either have to roll them up and take them in, or take them in and make the teller run them through this machine that counts them. The latter is a quick process but it still involves being the guy who goes to the bank and stands in line with a small bucket of pennies. I guess I’ve never really had the notion to go ahead and do that. And so our small bucket is on the verge of necessitating a larger small bucket. I finally decided to do something with at least some of them yesterday.

No, I did not take them to the bank.

Having just moved, I have been rebuilding my home mandir in new and inspirational ways. For example, unlike the old one, I’d rather not have the sacred space dominated by rectangular card-stock images of various devas and devis, Gods and Goddesses, even as beautiful and nearly infinite in symbolism as they are. I’d like my offering to have a little more atmosphere. So I decided to take a pile of 108 shiny pennies and display them, spilling out of a small vessel in my mandir. The material and spiritual wealth given by Lakshmi. Suggestive of – and actually inviting – Her benevolent presence.

Jai Maa Lakshmi Aum.

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