Crossing My Eyes

by Aranyakananda

Whenever someone asks me to cross my fingers, I have to be honest. If you’ve read this blog enough, you’ll know I am not “superstitious” in the conventional sense. Many consider religion, faith, prayer, etc., to be superstition and therefore my Hinduism probably fits under that category with that crowd. But I maintain I am not superstitious. So, as I said, I have to be honest. Whenever someone tells me to cross my fingers, I tell them “I won’t cross my fingers, but I will cross my eyes for you.”

Sri Paramhansa Yogananda was the guru who first introduced me to some of the concepts that are essential to Hinduism: Namely that, as Yogananda put it, our bodies are an inverted tree with the roots at the top of the head (the 1,000-petaled lotus), and the branches are our limbs (literally) and the senses and worldly desires (figuratively). Further, Yogananda said those roots at the top of the head are that which anchor us to the Divine, to the Self as spoken of in the Hindu scriptures. The Universal Self. The Infinite. Brahman. Yogananda said that when one sits in meditation and focuses one’s attention on the point between the eyebrows, one is fully in tune with that Self.

And so, when I tell you I am crossing my eyes for you, I am telling you that I am giving all of my focus during meditation toward you and whatever perils of the cycle of birth, aging, decay and death that you happen to be encountering right now. I am telling you that you are worth more than tossing a little luck your way. Many Hindus will tell you “prayer” is not a part of their devotional activity. But I have always felt that if we are all non-different from each other, that prayer can be an effective devotional activity for the benefit of others if undertaken for the right reasons and properly directed.

Jai Hari Aum

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