by Aranyakananda

Some time ago a co-worker and I were comparing horror stories about our respective living arrangements. He seemed much more depressed about his “situation” than I. Maybe it is because I am moving soon. At any rate, you know how the British sometimes pretentiously name their homesteads? He and I made a pact that we’d both go home that day and individually kick around a few ideas on what to name our own respective abodes.

My wife and I are moving after 8 years – we were just approved today actually – and I hope this will be a fresh start in many ways. So I’d like to start off our time in our new home with a new outlook, a new way of approaching every-day existence.

Going back to the little game my friend and I had going, I thought I could come up with one of those names that sounds pretentious as hell. But I don’t really want to. What I did come up with probably sounds about as pretentious as possible. But I assure you it is not.

I plan to call our homestead Sthaanunivassthan – the “Abode of the Eternal Truth.”

“Sthaanuh” being one of the epithets for Vishnu, one of His 1,000 names, or Sahasranama, I thought this appropriate seeing as we are moving in across the street from the temple. Plus I like it that it sort of ends the same as it begins. It provides a sense of the eternal in its very spelling.

Jai Sthaanuh Namah!

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