Dharma Nightmare

by Aranyakananda

Last night I had a horrific nightmare that was basically just a rehashing of a very emotionally wrenching discussion I had with a loved one not long ago. Except in the dream it was multiplied – nay, amplified! – exponentially in the sense of “gravity to the situation”. It was dark. I felt like my world was ending. Yet when I awoke, I can’t put a finger on why, but somehow I had a deep sense that Lord Vishnu was right there with me, or (and not being much for dualism, this seems more appropriate) that His form actually was the wrenching discussion, the “gravity of the situation”, itself. I can’t explain it, and I am not going to try to ramble on about it until I reach the explanation. It was what it was.

Let me say this to you though: I just had a conversation with a friend a couple of days ago over lunch in which he somehow coaxed the story of the original, real life, emotionally wrenching discussion, out of me. So maybe it was still at the forefront of my mind. Maybe that explains the dream, right? But it does not explain the sense of calm. Of well-being. The sense of purpose in being reminded. Does it?

Even a nightmare can be a source of great joy.

Jai Hari Aum.

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2 Responses to Dharma Nightmare

  1. Dhrishti says:

    Vasu, this post generally confuses me, but I think you’ve answered some of your own questions here.

    Om Shanti

    • treadmarkz says:

      Why does it generally confuse you? Hey, I told you that I might still have writers block even though I posted 🙂

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