by Aranyakananda

In a recent post I wrote about Vaisnavism, and Hinduism in general in the Kali Yuga. In doing so, I considered the form of Vishnu which is prescribed for devotion in the Kali Yuga, that of Venkateswara, or Balaji.

Before that, I wrote a post about the Face of God, in which I noted that Vaisnavism, more than any form of worship, puts a face (more accurately, a multiplicity of faces) to the Faceless.

Over the next few posts (aside from a short interlude devoted to Navratri) I plan to delve into some more of the forms and avatars of Vishnu, along with some other figures associated with Vishnu.

I intend to provide my own take, the esoteric meaning that I get from my own, very personal undestanding of my path. That’s what it is, afterall. A very personal path which one walks (or rolls in my case) all the while chipping away at all that which blocks one’s vision of Oneness.

Take this as a series of mini-biographies, some of them historical, some of them celestial/mythical, or as a series of glances at the Singularity that the form of Vishnu Himself represents, but from different angles.

Jai Hari Aum!

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One Response to Vaisnavaganza

  1. Dhrishti says:

    I’m very looking forward to this. I enjoyed the post about Venkateshwara – one of the few faces of Vishnu to which I’m drawn. I’m also very looking forward to hearing from you in/on/during Navratri.

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