One Is Not The Loneliest Number

by Aranyakananda

I was recently in a discussion with friends in which I brought up the Vedic aphorism “Truth is one; the wise call it by many names.”

Knowing the people involved in this conversation were not fammiliar with Vedic scripture, I still felt this quote would be universally understood on some level. It was, but it also brought up the argument, jokingly, that “One is the loneliest number.”

Well, surely the lyrics of Three Dog Night can not compete with the words of the rishis. “One is the loneliest number? How so?”, I argued. “Two, and any number above it, involves separateness. With one, there is unity.”

Two serves the illusion of individuality, of ego consciousness.

Indeed, one is the only number that is not lonely.

Shanti, Aum!

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2 Responses to One Is Not The Loneliest Number

  1. Bhismah says:

    Happy Holi…:-)

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