Lunch-Break Wheelchair Suryanamaskar

by Aranyakananda

Suryanamaskar is intended to be done at dawn, as the sun rises, ideally, I think. But there are really no rules when it comes to dharma. Therefore, on Saturdays I have come to practice my own version of wheelchair Suryanamaskar (which I described in recent posts) around noon while I am on my lunch break at my “other job”.

The reason I do this is because the building I work in on Saturdays is at the top of the highest hill in town, and in our break room we have a huge window which gives me quite a panoramic view of not so much the city below, but of the sky. At that time the sun is high in the sky and slightly off to my left.

Psychologists will tell you that when one looks up and to the left they are visually constructing images. Though the Suryanamaskar is important to Vaisnavs in that Vishnu/preservation is very much related to Nature itself, it is also important while giving thanks to the Lord for said preservation, to visualize.
To imagine.
To understand possibilities.
To know the Divinity, strength and creative power which dwells within.

Jai Hari Aum!

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