-ism, -ism, -ism.

by Aranyakananda

In the last post I denounced the notion that there were “too many Gods” in Hinduism, on the grounds that one of the main tenets of the Vedas is that “truth is one; the wise call it by many names.”

But just as dangerous can be an adherence to an “-ism” – an ideology of any kind.

Obviously, right? History has repeated one reason this is perilous.

But less obvious is that often people of superficially different ideologies, underneath the surface shared many core beliefs. Shared beliefs they never would have discovered had the remained solely conscious of the -ism, the identification with the ideology. In discovering that core, we may just be uncovering the base of Truth mentioned in the Vedas. As humans we often fear being alone, but I wonder if we don’t fear, just as much, the idea that we are One.

We are so obsessed with -so busy- “identifying” as this or that.
With developing our uniqueness.
With individuality.

Funnily enough, in identifying with an -ism, people do create small groups of oneness. Think of the way a sports fan will say “we lost” when his team was the actual loser of the game.

Those who don’t stand for something will fall for anything, I know that. But we don’t realize how superficial even a deeply held belief system, an -ism, can be. This is true of religion, politics, etc., when all they serve to do is separate and classify That which is essentially One.

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