Medulla Oblongadda-da-Vida, Baby!

by Aranyakananda

Science has indicated that there is a center in the brain which kicks in during “religious experiences” or moments of devotional fervor, or bhakti Yoga. I will not post a link to this research because it is readily available in many places and I do not want the example I post to appear as the definitive. Look around. It is more than fascinating!

Some say this makes devotional worship of God irrational, and unreliable. Atheists have used this knowledge to make the tremendous leap to: “See, there is no God!” The same argument could be made in reference to the undeniable evidence for evolution. But you can’t take this neurological research, or that of archaeologists or paleontologists and make the claim that it disproves God.

I’ve already discussed how evolution is consistent with Hindu beliefs. So sticking with the neurological trigger in devotion, yogis and rishis from time out of mind (though I’d consider them the original jnani yogis rather than bhakti) have known the Sahasrara, the “Thousand-Petaled Lotus” to be the God Center of the brain.

So who’s to say whether that part of the brain causes the emotion involved, or if yoking the mind to God in meditation causes that part of the brain to trigger? There is no way to know. We can say we know, only because of what science tells us. I think it was Socrates who said “wisdom is admitting you know nothing.” Science is at its most value to the world when it at least admits that there are unknown variables. The unknown challenges science to move forward. I dare say the human mind contains just as many unknowns as its macrocosm, the Universe itself.

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