Sri Potato Head

by Aranyakananda

Though I did not grow up in Indian culture nor am I of Indian ancestry, I try to be respectful and even protective of the culture which I have grown a little closer to over the last few years. I may fail at this from time to time, even on this blog. But I try.

The word “Sri” is an honorific preceding the name of a Hindu Holy person, a diety or scripture. Definitions translated into English range from “splendor”, “majesty”, etc. Unfortunately in the West, certain Eastern practices’ meanings are often missed. For instance, I once read that “Sri” was the Indian equivalent of “Mister.”

Not to make a comparison with the West, because that is what got us into the mess that made this post necessary to begin with, but in the West even a Christian priest is called “father.” And being a priest does not require Self-realization, but only Seminary training and a license. The priesthood CAN be but a career, though this is generally not the case. Doesn’t a self-realized soul in one’s presence warrant as much?

Maybe it is because the word “Sri” appears like a misspelling of “Sir” that Westerners miss the heft of its meaning. When I call somebody “Sir” often I have never met them or spoken to them before. I am generally not referring to their splendor and/or majesty. However, as Brahman dwells within all sentient beings, so does splendor and majesty.

So my “Sir” can mean “Sri”, but according to popular usage of the terms, “Sri” cannot mean “Sir.”

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1 Response to Sri Potato Head

  1. shree says:

    nice:) a famous story among shaivis and shaktas is that all temples deities have a sri prefixed before their name which means auspicious…except for lord shiva, as shiva itself means auspicious one:)

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