Faux Meat: The Gateway To HELL!

by Aranyakananda

I don’t believe in “The Devil” but if His Unholiness did exist, I am sure that vegetarian “meat” would have been his idea.

People always ask me why I would eat something that looks just like meat but I refuse to eat the real thing. So I tell them “Well that’s the point. It’s NOT the real thing. Doy! Maybe if the appearance were the abhorrent part, your argument would make sense.”

(Just kidding, I don’t think I’ve said “doy” since I was about six.)

But they may be onto something there. I don’t often dwell on how great it would be to sink my teeth into a big ol’ cheeseburger or steak or chicken leg or whatever. As far as I have seen, they have yet to re-create a t-bone or a baked chicken thigh that is not really a t-bone or a baked chicken thigh.

If they do, some of us, the weaker vegetarians among us, are goin’ down!

But as for the “meat” patties, I am wondering if for some, eating too much of that can start to sink into one’s psyche, and make one think about the real thing. Because if you have not put an activity (which you’ve physically renounced) out of your head then you have not achieved true renunciation.

And I don’t know why the hell I ever would have decided to put faux meat on my grocery list unless I was thinking about eating something meat-like. But that doesn’t mean I necessarily craved the real thing. Maybe I am starting to like the sad hodge-podge of ingredients which go together to form “chik’n” and if so then I am more of a mess than I suspected.

Something for you to let simmer.

Jai Hari Aum!

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5 Responses to Faux Meat: The Gateway To HELL!

  1. Anna says:

    I’ve been a vegetarian for about two months and I eat “faux meat”. It hasn’t made me crave “real meat”. They don’t even taste the same and honestly “real meat” pretty much makes me sluggish where as “faux meat”, which I prefer to call veggie protein actually keeps my energy level up. I guess it depends on how much of it you’re eating. I think I had “faux meat” once this week. The rest of the time it’s been beans, rice, couscous – I did have veggie lasagne yesterday.

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