A Ladder Within a Wheel Within a Loop Within a Larger Loop.

by Aranyakananda

The world is an odd place. In our lives we are but climbing a ladder, all the time going ’round and ’round clinging to a wheel that is not real but convinced it is all that is real, while all around us the Universe at large is in a constant state of flux in and out on an eternal loop.

The Bhagavad-Gita says that no action is wasted. One way or another, every action we take brings us closer to our goal of liberation from the Wheel of Samsara, or further from it. It is up to us. I have come to identify with the idea of life as a ladder.

Some have a Stairway to Heaven. I have a Ladder to Moksha. As we climb this ladder, on this Wheel of Samsara we encounter myriad other souls who are each on their own ladder, on various rungs. Ram Dass said “We are all just walking each other home.” So as we climb our own ladder, we might just give them a boost when we can.

So each of our lives is a ladder on which we repeatedly appear at different rungs, to continue our ascent toward perfect understanding. It is not exactly a microcosm, because the macrocosm is not a larger ladder, but an immense loop.

I mentioned microcosms above. The Vaisnav Avatar, Kalki’s advent is said to mark the end of the current yuga and a beginning of a new one. Avatar Kalki is said to be coming to destroy evil or evil-doers, depending on your preferred translation, when dharma hits a nadir. After this cycle repeats itself a certain number of times, the Universe itself is destroyed only to come back into existence again, via the Dance of Shiva, one Shaivite theology/philosophy that tends to be a part of many Hindus’ worldview.

I told you. The world is an odd place.

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