On the Wrong Side of History

by Aranyakananda

Whenever debate over any contentious political issue really heats up, one often hears that one side or the other is “on the wrong side of history.” I am not trying to start a war but usually it is those with the more conservative, non-progressive points of view that are deemed to be in this unfortunate position.

The wrong side of history.

Just meditate on that phrase for a moment. What images does it conjure up? A barbed-wire fence, one side with green grass and sun shine, the other cloudy, smoggy, dank dreary and depressing? The Left Behind series? Paradise Lost?

I myself am of a rather liberal and progressive makeup. As such I agree that there are certain political stances that are indeed “on the wrong side of history.” And by “wrong” I only mean the side which will inevitably become obsolete with progress. I won’t name them so you don’t miss my point. I simply have an observation to make:

Life being a bit of a play, neither of these sides is truly wrong. It is all just happening. But if we are politically minded, we all, depending on our make-up, are required by dharma and our own personal karma to take the stances that we take. We play our part the best we can. But in Brahman, neither side is right or wrong. Some people like to put words in God’s mouth, saying God hates this or that. And I can’t even say they are doing God a disservice by making these assertions, because their worldly opinions don’t change anything. They are only doing themselves a disservice by closing their minds to the recognition of the Observer, Brahman. Kind of like two-sided worldly political issues do not change anything a whit in Brahman. He observes only. He does not judge. We are punished not for our actions, but by our actions. And this includes making the world an “us and them” dualistic battleground kind of situation.

Just a thought.

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2 Responses to On the Wrong Side of History

  1. shree says:

    really liked the quote “We are punished not for our actions, but by our actions.” – a post as it relates to vaishnavism would be lovely.

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