by Aranyakananda

For this post I want to link to a website called Krishnacore. When I first started out on this path of yoga, I was under the impression I had to remove many worldly influences from my life. I was a huge music fan, but I got rid of many of my CDs. Just gave them away.

I did not know much about the languages behind Hinduism, so Hindi and Bengali (etc.) devotional music were really not helpful to me. I ended up listening mostly to George Harrison as he expounded many Vedic principles, dharma and Krishna consciousness. But eventually this was not enough for me, and listening to George Harrison all of the time got to be a drag too.

I have a feeling this is similar to why “Christian Rock” came to be. People want to listen to music which expresses their spiritual leanings and yearnings, but don’t want it to be all chants and harmoniums and bells and choirs, sitars and tablas, etc.

Krishnacore is a genre of music, which is often hardcore punk with lyrics focused on Vaisnav themes. But it is not always hard core, and not always necessarily Vaisnav. Some of the bands do not mention anything Hinducentric at all. But the theme is always dharma to some degree.

Though it is currently on hiatus and working toward a relaunch, is another site with a similar goal, though it caters more toward people of all spiritual leanings, rather than just dharma.

Music is an important part of our lives. Have you ever met anyone who did not like music? Seriously? Spirituality being the highest endeavor one can undertake, be it karma yoga (action), bhakti (devotion) or jnana (wisdom). Throw music into the mix and you’re working on a pretty good definition of life here on earth.

Rock on.

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4 Responses to Krishnacore

  1. I commend your efforts with the music. I actually never really gave up the music I love. I guess I believe that many kinds of music can have profound effects on us in a positive way. I love classical, I love classic rock, I love sitar and mantra music. I suppose I don’t look at my spiritual path as one that necessitated my giving up my own culture. I admit at first I thought I had to somehow embrace all things Indian, from clothing to music. But I quickly learned that I have my own rich heritage of which I am very proud and can incorporate my spiritual path into it:)

    • treadmarkz says:

      I agree completely, Jennifer. That was me at the time. As it is now, I still embrace some of the bands I have followed for year and years and years….only difference is now I look for dharma in them. And sometimes I find it.

    • treadmarkz says:

      Didnt know that, Anon. I did know his writings came off as rather sexist and quite openly homophobic. I don’t personally put any stock into Prabhupada

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