Neti, Neti Part IV – The Avatars of Vishnu

by Aranyakananda

In the last post I made the point that Krishna walked the Earth. To many this is not a point of contention, nor is it to me. Much evidence has been brought to show that Krishna, and even Rama actually lived, actually walked the Earth.

But let’s say they didn’t.
Just a little Liberal Vaisnavism.
Just for a minute.

Let’s just say that the stories of Krishna in the Mahabharata and the Srimad-Bhagavatam, etc., and the story of Rama in the Ramayana are just stories. Divinely inspired no doubt, but for the purpose of showing us something about our own divine nature and nothing else.

So, their are no avatars?
No that would not necessarily be true.

I think it would point evermore to the most important conclusion to be gleaned from these texts. That we are all avatars of sorts. The heroic, wise and pure qualities of Rama and Krishna are qualities to be manifested by all of us. And so the precept that when adharma overtakes the world, God manifests in the world is just as valid. But it becomes our responsibility to recognize, cultivate, and act upon its arrival.

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One Response to Neti, Neti Part IV – The Avatars of Vishnu

  1. Dhrishti says:

    All Hindu Scriptures are meant to hold successively deeper levels of meaning…in fact, a work can’t be considered Scripture in our Faith until it’s multiple levels of meaning can be exhibited. With that in mind, I think that getting caught up in, or affording too much attention to, the historical verity of a writing is not only a trap, but a needless distraction.

    I think, too, that a key point you hint at here is that each of us, being a spark of the divine, is an avatar. With differing levels of awareness and realization, sure, but we’re all literally of the same essence. In addition to being able to recognize a new advent of Dharma, it’s our obligation to do the inner work necessary to BE an advent of Dharma.

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