A Botched Attempt At Pluralism During the Inaugural Luncheon.

by Aranyakananda

During the televised Inaugural luncheon today, an invocation was given before the meal was served. I forget who delivered the prayer, but what is important is the words chosen.

I could tell there was great effort put into the prayer to be multicultural, inclusive and sensitive to diversity. The man pointed out that everyone in the room had different beliefs, as a matter of fact.


But at the end of the prayer, he said “In the name of all of our various Gods,” (something like that) “and I in the name of Jesus Christ…”

This speech was so diversity-friendly that it exacerbated separations that we already have. It reinforced the delusive idea that different groups pray to different gods. As though there were a celestial receptacle for Christian prayers, Hindu prayers, Muslim Prayers, etc. As though Jesus Christ himself were not a manifestation of the God that all pray to, aspire to, and return to.

And on such a grand stage, it’s unfortunate.

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3 Responses to A Botched Attempt At Pluralism During the Inaugural Luncheon.

  1. I have to agree…I think I would have preferred him to just give a Christian prayer….this was, though unintended, demeaning….

  2. Justin says:

    Ahhhh religion. The great divider. I’m struggling with this today as well. šŸ™‚

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