Neti, Neti, Neither or Both?

by Aranyakananda

I don’t often write an entire post announcing posts which have not been written, but, well I just felt like it tonight.

Coming soon, in a series of three (or maybe four, I’m not too sure) posts, I plan to examine karma, reincarnation and how it results in the individual character (human, and maybe non-human, I’m not too sure), as well as the very nature of the Absolute.

This series is to be called the “Neti, Neti, Neither or Both?” series, because these are all issues on which there are (at least) two prevalent ways of looking at them that seem to contradict one another, but could marry quite well if one uses one’s bean just a bit. You dig?

The last one I mentioned will lead me directly into some more things I want to say specifically about Vaisnavism, as well as life as an American Hindu in general.

Also, I want to keep your attention so that you will stay tuned to see where this is going, I must admit. I don’t claim that the pay-off will change your life, shake you to your core, rock your world or obliterate everything you’ve ever believed in or held dear, in any way. However, I do hope you will follow me.

Aum, Shanti…Shanti…SHANTI!

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