So There ARE Hindus In Greenland!

by Aranyakananda

Is there life on other planets?
Where do we go when we die?
Are there Hindus in Greenland?

These are the questions that keep great thinkers up at night. And I received the answer to one of them today when I inspected the web traffic statistics of this weblog. For the first time ever I registered a “hit” from within the borders of the largest island in the world.

Yes. One hit. And I am posting about it. I’ll let that sink in so you can decide whether you want to keep reading.

Seriously though, to me that is a breakthrough.

Greenland, contrary to its name (which it was no doubt given by some unscrupulous Exploration Age travel agent) is a vast wasteland, a veritable sheet of ice, and it’s permanent population is half of the city I live in. And, most importantly, it is not India. Though most Hindus know that they can live anywhere unaffected by the external conditions if need be. It is practically the polar (see what I did there?) opposite of India.

Now I just wonder where all the Chinese Hindus and Central American Hindus are. With China’s government officially atheist. Central America is about 75% Catholic. But South America overall is slightly more Catholic than that, and this weblog has enjoyed many connections with the good people of those nations.

My intention with this blog is to make connections with those with similar belief systems, not to proselytize. Not an OM Crusade. So it brings a smile to my bearded face to think that Hindi diaspora has extended into Greenland.

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3 Responses to So There ARE Hindus In Greenland!

  1. surya says:

    just to let all of you know there is no corresponding word in Sanskrit (samskrutam) for crusade or jihad. Meaning religion centric wars never unleashed ever by hindu rulers. The Greenland hindu may be just curious and is still exploring various other faiths. Good luck to him/her. Hope he or she would love advaita philosophy of hinduism.

  2. treadmarkz says:

    Thank you for pointing that out. Of course I know that Hinduism is not like Abrahamic faiths which have carried out wars of “conversion”, crusades. I was using the term to make a point that my wish is not to convert or convince, just to make connections,.

  3. A hindu in greenland???maybe yes, maybe no,,ill ask around:-) im from nuuk, the capital city of greenland and yet im no hindu,,sorry:-(

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