Multi-Tasking With Japa

by Aranyakananda

Multi-tasking has been said to be proven by mainstream science to be impossible. I intend to prove this incorrect. I intend to do so by use of japa yoga. I have until recently only done japa as a focused, meditative practice. I have begun to practice japa whilst carrying out my daily functions, when able. I don’t recommend or advocate doing so while driving a car, or operating the proverbial “heavy machinery.” But I think a multi-task including japa is possible, only because the japa would not, in fact, be a second task as many would see it, but would highlight and spiritualize the performance of the main physical or mental task at hand.

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2 Responses to Multi-Tasking With Japa

  1. Dhrishti says:

    When interviewing for my current (and new) job, I mentioned multi-tasking to my interviewer and (now) manager. His response was polite but clear that he didn’t believe in multi-tasking. Kind of like you’ve pointed out here, that science doesn’t seem to support the notion. He informed me that to actually be doing anything requires one’s whole attention, etc… And I agree with him, on principle.

    I agree more with you, however. And especially so in the context of jaapa yoga. One of the main purposes of this form of yoga is that the Name we latch onto is meant to eventually permeate every facet of our life. At this point, jaapa becomes “ajaapa” and you no longer have to vocally or even intentionally practice the mantra sadhana. During ajaapa jaapa, you can, and are, literally doing all of your mundane, grihasta tasks while moving entirely enveloped within your sadhana.

    I can vouche for this. In two different instances, one Hindu and one Buddhist, I’ve experienced ajaapa jaapa. It’s like a fire that will eventually need more fuel, but it’s multi-tasking that’s life-altering and truly …blissful.

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