A Blogger’s Wheel of Samsara

by Aranyakananda   
I referred to “writer’s block” in the last post I wrote. If you follow this blog, you will have noted that I do not have writer’s block. Haven’t for quite some time. Well… the ideas keep coming. How well they manifest, I am open to debate.       
Ever since I meditated on Sri Ganesha to break my long-standing stalemate on a fictional novel I was writing, well, the obstacle was broken down but not on the novel. On this blog! I must keep writing. Oh well you, take what you can get.
But it occurred to me today that my horrific plight was a bit of a microcosm of the situation of the human being. The jivan. According to samkhya philosophy, life (and the universe itself really) exists as long as rajas and tamas continue to manifest. It is a bit like the philosophy behind the yin and the yang, only in that philosophy as long as there is an imbalance between light and darkness, creation continues to manifest. I think that is how it works anyroad.
But according to samkhya philosophy, by stilling the mind with yoga, one does not allow oneself to create more “bad” or “good” reactions (karma). One does this by not reacting to external circumstances. One only reacts to that which comes from within. As long as we continue to act from without, we accrue karma, and we must live to experience their results.
      I have long felt that writing was a form of yoga for me. I fear that I will be doomed to continue on the blogger’s wheel of samsara until I am able to close my mind to outside influences, and simply finish off my list of topics.

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1 Response to A Blogger’s Wheel of Samsara

  1. VedicBuddha says:

    I agree. Advaita Vedanta and Buddhism, really are different from Taoism. In Taoism, there is a definite view on what the outer world is like. In fact, this is true in I Ching, and even more true in Western faiths. However, in many of the Hindu and Buddhist philosophies, the outer world is very *dependent* on our inner perception of it.

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