by Aranyakananda

Maya is a word I use on this blog often. It means unreal, or illusory. Another word for maya is mithya. As Sanskrit is the root of many currently spoken languages, it should not be shocking to find that this word is related to the Greek “mythos” or our English “myth.”

It is interesting to me to consider that the physical, transitory world which we live in, this maya which many consider to be the one reality, is a world which we will one day see as nothing but a myth.

One day, when we’ve overcome, when we’ve achieved moksha, will stories be told amongst celestial beings – amongst drops of Brahman co-mingling fully once again – of all of the goings-on in this physical world, a world so far-gone from our memory that these goings-on will be but a myth, like the Lila of the Avatars? If so, will they be mere amusements, or will they still hold some kind of moral value to us as muktas?

Just a question to amuse yourself with along your path toward liberation.

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5 Responses to Mithya

  1. Curious says:

    There is a subtle, or a not-so-subtle difference between ‘maya’ and ‘mithya’. A literal translation of Maya would be ‘illusion’ and that of Mithya, ‘false’ or myth.

    To explain better in the form of sentence use:

    – The world as we see around us, is a Maya (illusion), and to some extent Mithya (false) too.
    – The notion that Obama is a socialist Muslim, is a Mithya (but not a Maya)

    This post may seem unnecessary, but just sharing …

    • treadmarkz says:

      No, not unnecessary at all, I appreciate it. I read these very distinctions in preparation for this post, but I still did not see the subtle difference, or imagined it to be the same. An idea which was clearly the product of maya, and was, in fact a mithya. 😉

  2. treadmarkz says:

    err…not “a mithya”, just “mithya.”

  3. Curious says:

    Thanks for the correction in my own sentences :]

  4. Maya is the assumption that what we see and hold dear is real.mithya on the other hand is falsehood generally.maya can be transcended by travelling in consciousness and achieving the realisation that all that perishes is Maya

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