ॐ-Flavored Water

by Aranyakananda

I recently became aware of a device called the Kangen water system. It was invented or perfected in Japan, and supposedly the secret was kept for 30 years until it was recently released to the public. It produces ionized water and purports to be the remedy to all kinds of ailments from diabetes to…well just about everything, it seems. At $4,000 it is the solution to all of your problems, and it even tones your skin.

I am not writing to defend or debunk this system, really, though there are a few things in the above paragraph which even I find alarming, and I wrote it!

I feel like I have to say here that I am not anti-science. I am very much in favor of science, and I am thankful for finding out all of the ways that Hinduism is directly in correspondence with widely accepted modern scientific principles. But what I am not in favor of is technology usurping the position of “Solution To All Of Our Problems in This Material World.” Whether this water system is a scam or not, this attitude that science can solve all of our problems makes us susceptible to potentially easily being scammed.

So whilst I lamented this just days ago, I sat and began to do a round of japa yoga. I held my japa string in my left hand, thumbing through the beads as I recited the Mahamantra. I held a glass of water in my right hand. Each time through the mantra, as I got to “Rama Rama Hare Hare” I found myself raising the glass to my lips, speaking the end of the mantra into the glass, and drinking.

In doing so, I came upon an idea that made me smile. The reason we eat prasad after a puja is that the food has been offered to the diety, but also because certain mantras have been spoken over the offering. The food is thereby infused with this most sacred blessing. Similarly, I had just infused this water with the sacred blessing of the mahamantra. I had vitalized it with the vibration of the mantra. In consuming the water, I had internalized it much more thoroughly than I would by simply chanting the mantra, and basking in the vibration throughout my living room.

I’d like to fill a large vessel with pure, clean water, set it close to a stereo on which I play, loudly, ॐ chanted many many times, thereby sending the sacred vibration through the water. This may not be science, but I think I’d trust my method more than a $4,000 machine that was kept a secret for 30 years then released to the public but not available in stores, and advertised on a DVD infomercial.

Aum. Drink. Aum.

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1 Response to ॐ-Flavored Water

  1. Dhrishti says:

    This SO reminds me of an interesting soul who found me in a bookstore once.

    He looked like he had just crawled out from under an automobile, but he was very polite and very friendly. He asked me about the books I was holding and noticed my interest in the Hindu section of books.

    Then… he revealed to me that he’d created a “phone.” He admitted that it wasn’t a phone like one imagines with the word, but that “phone” was the best approximate label he could attach to the gadget. This phone could produce some kind of frequencies that would create various beneficial effects. He said his wife once had a cough and a sore throat. He poured her a glass of water, pointed his phone at it, and then made her drink. Just like THAT her ailment disappeared.

    He also stated that he could cure an entire city block of HIV/AIDS with this phone and that a “teenager” was actually in power over the entire world. He said he had to be careful with whom he discussed this stuff because the teenager would have him “erased,” and indeed had already erased his (my new pal’s) own brother after his brother helped him make videos about the phone to share with the public.

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