On Not Dying, At Least Not Any Time Soon

by Aranyakananda

On the plane ride into Winnipeg on the fateful day I have written about in the last two posts, I happened to notice a fellow passenger was wearing a New York Yankees cap. I recognized this to be a bad omen but should have known to take it more seriously. I know how evil the Yankees are!

All joking aside, if the last two posts have appeared as egotistical drivel, permit me one more before I move on to more interesting subjects.

On that plane ride, I was reading a copy of Paramahansa Yogananda’s “Whispers From Eternity” a gift from a greatly valued friend. I was reading it in celebration and recognition of a plane ride four years earlier in which I brought a Yogananda book with me. My New Year’s resolution that year was to “read more important books” and I landed on “Man’s Eternal Quest.”

Anyway this year on the plane I came upon a piece written by the great Swami-ji, curiously entitled thusly:

“I Am Thy Bird of Paradise, Wishing To Fly In Thy Astral Airplane.”

As I read through this piece, I started thinking about my own eventual and inevitable exit from this current body. I was reading this book in recognition of the (roughly) four-year anniversary since I first discovered Paramahansa Yogananda, or he discovered me, whichever you please. It was during the last Christmas for which my wife and I flew to Winnipeg, 2008. It was also during a period when I was thinking intensely about my own mortality.

I am not going to be buried.

I am going to be cremated, sifted into the Mississippi River, and I am going to float downstream to eventually enter the Atlantic Ocean. For I am Atman, eventually to become one with the Ocean of Brahman.

Anyroad, I mention the above curiously-titled piece because it occurred to me that I think that when I do eventually exit stage left, I would like this piece to be read as a coda to my life before the ashes are sifted. I will not reproduce the entire piece here, but it can be found on page 61 of “Whispers from Eternity.”

But this is years from now. It will be in my will, should I continue to feel this is the appropriate piece.

Okay, carry on with what you were doing.

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3 Responses to On Not Dying, At Least Not Any Time Soon

  1. Dhrishti says:

    I used to own page 61 of “Whispers from Eternity,” but I’m no longer able to find it.

    You must share this.



  2. treadmarkz says:

    I think, upon reviewing the Yogananda peice above, one reason it appeals to me is that it is in some ways remeniscent of that thing you always see on the program for any Christian memorial service, entitled “I’m Free” – not sure if you are familiar with it.

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