Japa Beads and Vishnu’s Navel

by Aranyakananda

Today, FINALLY, I got my first set of japa/mala beads. I wear them around my neck, and I have attached an ॐ pendant onto it. Being that it is 108 marble-sized beads, and a string of 8 more down the front to which the pendant is attached, it hangs quite low. Somewhere in the vicinity of my navel.

At first I thought that was weird, until I thought of one of my favorite aspects of Vaishnav mythology. The story goes that the Creator, Brahma, who set the universe into motion with the primordial sound of  ॐ, was born from the navel of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is That which always was, is and will be, despite the comings and goings, the manifestations and dissolutions of the material world.

And so it is that it is the small things that can remind us of, and help us to meditate on the omnipresent.

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