Diwali Smile

by Aranyakananda

I work two jobs right now. My day job is great. I write this on my lunch break, as a matter of fact. I have been working here just a few months. My night job is one I have held since 2006 in which I am a supervisor at a market research company. We did not have any work most of the summer, then suddenly we have 6 projects rolling out at one time. We have trained three separate groups of “newbies” in the last three weeks. It is a very stressful thing keeping on top of all of the projects, answering all of the repeated questions, and monitoring them to be sure they are off and running correctly.

But I digress. The point is last week I developed a very bad, dark attitude towards some of my employees. My wife had to remind me a few different times that they had good intentions, just wanted to learn and do well, so they persisted in getting my feedback. Which I can respect completely! But in the moment, it felt like hand-holding.

But I digress again. Diwali reminded me of my dharma to overcome this dark attitude. Of my dharma to recognize the divine qualities in all of the people in my phone room. Of my dharma to send an unspoken “Namaste” to each of them. Last night when my wife picked me up after a 13.5 hour work day, I turned to her, and told her how things had gone and why I had to stay an extra half hour to finish things up. “But I’m still smiling, you’ll notice.”

“I see that!” she responded.

I had two co-leads with me last night. I lead the team alone on Thursday. I look forward to applying the lessons from Diwali onward.

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5 Responses to Diwali Smile

  1. Dhrishti says:

    This is great. 🙂

    Dark attitudes arent always bad, but I like the Diwali connection youve made here. It’s actually quite perfect.

    Unspoken namastes are pretty much bad ass.

    What else is bad ass? Your bhakti.

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