Voting Our Collective Consciousness

by Aranyakananda

In the final hours before the polls close, I know I will be nervous. Many people seem to be terrified about the future of the country depending on the result of the U.S. Presidential election, one way or the other. So as a form of consolation, I would like to just throw this out there, without any real conviction behind it.

If we all vote, in true Consciousness, then the candidate who wins cannot help but be the one we need at this time. He or She will represent the collective consciousness of the nation. That is a lofty ideal, yes, and hard to attain.

And I say “without any real conviction behind it”, because though I know that there is a worldly need and there is a karmic need based on more than the here and now of 21st century American society, I also know I may not like the results of tonights election. However I am leaning toward a state of acceptance.

 Without naming names, it just may be that one candidate represents our worldly need, whilst the other represents the collective karma of the nation which is what we really need. Either way, the outcome of the election tonight will represent progress on some level. It is the epitome of duality, and yet it is oneness.

But if my chosen candidate does not win, the above does not mean that I cannot gripe about it. Because I am griping on a worldly level. I, like most of us, want the best for the here and now, and the forseeable future (for our children?). And it doesn’t mean that if my candidate loses, that I can’t move to Canada. But it also doesn’t mean that my individual karma won’t follow me across the border in the form of a leader who also does not represent my worldly values. Though it may just be what I need karmicly.

So why move? Why even gripe? I cannot answer these questions. This whole post, in fact, is a rhetorical question, from me to you. You answer it.

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2 Responses to Voting Our Collective Consciousness

  1. You have touched upon the very answer that I’ve been looking for. I feel very much invested in a particular candidate winning, but I’ve been looking for a way to honor our societal need to be led and guided towards ‘who we are now choosing to be’. Agreeing upon that collectively, than we cannot lose. The appropriate leader will win. Thanks for this. Well said.

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