Editorial: Why It’s Okay To Laugh At Your Own Jokes

by Aranyakananda

I wrote a similar piece to this, regarding getting angry to make a point and how it is not an egotistical thing to do as long as the goal is fostering understanding. Now I wish to share with you why it is not – or rather how one can ensure it does not become – egotistical to laugh at one’s own jokes.

It is simple. One of the main universal understandings of Hinduism is that “I am not the doer.” I make the Lord welcome within my being with each and every activity. That is why the sub-head of this blog says “All Glories to the Lord”. I try to live that truth.

So getting back to laughing at my own jokes. Yeah, I do that a lot. Sorry, but I do. I don’t consider myself a funny person. Never have. But I will rejoice like a madman at something that came out of my own mouth. I might even give an account of an event that happened during my day wherein the punchline is something I myself said. I do it all the time. How is that possible? How is this not egotistical? Simple. I didn’t really say it. That Which Pervades Us All and All Else did. I am not trying to provide a justification for my self-amusement. It is what it is.

Out the mouth Thy Immortal Breath,
in the ears, brings my mortal mirth.

Surely one should find humor in whatever form it presents itself. And if one laughs at only his own jokes then there may be an issue. All I’m saying is that the thoughts that run through your mind are really in no way an attribute for which one deserves praise (or blame depending on the nature of the thoughts, because it all depends on how one nurtures such a thought and what it becomes). It’s just a part of God’s lila, the play which unfolds before us. And should such a thought dance upon your mind, and should you choose to give it life by putting it in spoken word, and should you find it amusing, don’t let anyone call you crazy for dancing just because they can’t hear the music. 🙂

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1 Response to Editorial: Why It’s Okay To Laugh At Your Own Jokes

  1. Dhrishti says:

    I’ve often found myself quite sure that no one else can hear the music in my head. 🙂 Good post, bhai.

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