by Aranyakananda

Recently I wrote a post in which I quoted Gandhi-ji as saying “You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing, there will be no result.” I now want to tie that in with a post I wrote a couple of weeks ago concerning my job.

I have a job in which, even though sales are not stressed, our sales numbers are out there, and it is natural to think about them on some level. I like it because it drives me to continue to do right by my company and by my wife who depends on me to provide half of our income, and who looks up to me for doing well in my career.

But, I was recently concerned about becoming ensnared in the egocentric trap of being the “high producer” on my team. I wanted to avoid it if at all possible, and tried all kinds of meditative thought processes as I did my job in order to keep my mind on the right track.

However, I have found myself, this week, with a new responsibility at work, which involves making calls on a list of phone numbers which many of them are more than likely going to be wrong numbers or disconnected numbers. Sales are much less likely, though they could happen. But for the most part I am just cleaning up a list. The idea is that by doing so, my team is ensuring that future business will go much more smoothly. But there is not a lot for us in the way of gauging our success.

And so, for me, it is as though my concerns were Heard and Listened To. The Divine Ears were open, and my heart’s desire was granted. For a while, I will not know the results of my actions. But I do know that Gandhi-ji was correct, that nothing will happen unless I act. Unless I do my job as given to me to the best of my ability. I have been at it for a few days but didn’t realize what a great lesson this could turn out to be until today my supervisor mentioned something about how we would not know how successful we’d really been at this new endeavor until later. It struck me as a great thing to write about.

I write this as a way of demonstrating that the heart’s desire is often what one is given. Though I was concerned about my ego taking over during this job, that opportunity to sell sell sell may still have been what my ego wanted. But I think something deeper wanted something less numbers-driven. It is better for me spiritually, at this time. It is fun for me to watch things unfold in this manner. Life is funny.

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