Prema-gita: A Simple Love Song in Hindi, Tagalog and English To My Wife, My First Mantra

Merlinda, maganda
Mahal kita
My premananda
My prema-gita

Rough translation:

Merlinda, beautiful
I love you
My loving bliss
My love song

Yeah…definitely loses something in translation…Hmm…well moving on then:

When I first read about meditation about four years ago, it was about clearing my mind of useless information and hopefully becoming more successful. I had just made a New Year’s resolution to “read more important books” so this result was very appealing to me. So I began meditation in earnest, but in a very simple form. And very non-devotional in nature.

It was suggested in something I’d read that you should meditate on a word, a mantra, which is calming, soothing. “Aum”, and “Hare Krishna” were suggested and I fooled around with them but I had no idea what they meant, so I dropped them. What was soothing to me?

Later that week my wife came home from work and found me at the edge of the bed, sitting up with my eyes closed. I snapped to attention, back to my usual every-day self. She and I got into some discussion about something that distressed us both, though I don’t remember what it was. The important thing was that I casually announced to her that I had been meditating and that in doing so you’re supposed to choose a mantra which is soothing, calming. I told her that I had chosen to chant her name, “Merlinda.”

Well that got me through until I truly discovered the spiritual aspect of meditation. On a flight later that month, as we came in for a landing, in an effort to stave off the cranium-bursting pain from the change of altitude, I chanted “Hare Krishna” once again. It didn’t work. But I figured out that it wasn’t because the chant was useless. It was because I had not realized it’s meaning and power at that point.

After coming back from that trip I tried out various mantras before settling on a simple Vaishnava mantra. But the name of my wife, who always, to this day, keeps me calm when I feel like nothing else in and of the world is there to hold onto, was my first mantra. With her three syllables, I learned what the spiritual purpose of the mantra was before I used it for spiritual purposes. And I now have a much clearer vision of what success really means.

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One Response to Prema-gita: A Simple Love Song in Hindi, Tagalog and English To My Wife, My First Mantra

  1. Dhrishti says:

    Very sweet, bhai. Reminds me of a talk me and mine once had about a Madonna song and why I always use his name when speaking to him- even when no one else is around.

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