A Short Anecdote About Radha and the Music of Sri Krishna

by Aranyakananda

Every so often during my weekly visits to my temple for Bhagavad-Gita discussion group, I hear a story that a) I had never heard before, or b) I had heard but forgotten. This dharma is so vast in scope, I often can’t tell the difference between the two anymore. But I’d like to re-tell one of these stories about Krishna and Radha, which I heard last Sunday.

One day Radha began to notice that Krishna was spending all of His time playing His flute, and not spending any time with Her. The flute recognized that Radha was upset and asked Radha about it. Radha then asked the flute “Why does Krishna spend all of his time playing music on you and not giving his attention to Me?”

The flute told Radha “It is because I am empty. I am hollow. I allow Sri Krishna to fill me with His Divine breath and with it He makes me make beautiful music.”

From the flute, Radha learned that when we allow the Lord to fill us with His Divine melody, he is forever near.

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