I Dream of Carnivory

by Aranyakananda

A couple of nights ago I dreamed that I was at a restaurant from my home town that I probably wouldn’t eat at in reality even if threatened. In the dream, I ordered a bacon-cheeseburger. They told me they’d run out of beef, so I ordered some fish. I am a vegetarian during my conscious hours. But apparently in my unconscious I am a raving carnivore as this is only one of several dreams I have had in which the main focus was the consumption of meat.
I wonder if other vegetarians often have these dreams? I have been a vegetarian for almost 3 years (apart from two moments of weakness which resulted in Big Macs.)
In Hinduism, the connection between thoughts (and words) and deeds is important. I bring this up because I do not find myself dwelling on eating meat during my waking hours. But my wife has interpreted this dream as my guiding voice, my inner Guru if you will, telling me that I need more protein. What do you all think? Do I need a burger or is this simply the work of Maya?

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5 Responses to I Dream of Carnivory

  1. Dhrishti says:

    Interesting indeed, bhai! I’m going to have to whole-heartedly disgaree with your wife. Get this…

    Often, in fact far more often than I’ll ever admit aloud, I have dreams of an, umm….heterosexual nature. Truly scandalous! You mention having abstained from meat for three years. My own personal “abstention” has lasted since… well, at least the beginning of my current life cycle-which makes these dreams of mine even more bizarre.

    If 2 + 2 (always) = 4 (and it does, trust me), then I simply can’t agree that any sort of inner Guru is sending you hints at what you’re missing during your waking hours. The implications for myself would be devastating.

    Patanjali considered/classified different levels of consciousness for humans, and included sleeping/dreaming as such. My best hunch, with my own limited understanding, is that the way back to Brahman involves tranquility and balance( regarding karmas, samskaras, etc…) and perhaps in the hunt for such balance, what one doesn’t experience in waking life, he’ll get his fill of (gagmeI’mgoingtopuke) while sleeping. Otherwise, but related, is it possible that some deeply rooted samskaras left over from your carnivory are simply working theirselves out psychically?

    God(s) help us both! 🙂

    Om Shanti

    • treadmarkz says:

      Your own significant predicament aside, lol, this is very interesting. Are you saying that I can eat a burger in my dreams and enjoy the dream and not become more enmeshed in Maya for having done so?

      • Dhrishti says:

        Yes, I suppose that’s what I’m saying.

        I just know that, in my own “predicament,” everything seems fine whilst I slumber. And when I awake, I sense bewilderment and find that it doesn’t take me long to completely leave that experience in my dreams.

      • treadmarkz says:

        Oh you reminded me, my wife said I woke up panting and talking about how I’d had a “nightmare” about eating meat. Funny stuff.

  2. Chase says:

    The bacon cheeseburger may be a symbol for a situation in your life that is very beneficial to yourself, but not totally satisfying. The burger is the lack of total satisfaction with something good happening. The cheese on the burger may reflect profit or gaining. The bacon is benefits that are just for you.

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