How the Highway and Miscommunications Play Into My Personal Dharma

by Aranyakananda

Every time I start a new job it seems that the old specter of caffeine consumption shows its ugly face again. I came into Hinduism realizing that my present life brings with it several specific dharmas. One of them is kicking the above addiction. My last new job happened to be about a block away from a convenience store and I ended up picking up numerous bottles of pop per week. More numerous than is reasonable. So I failed in my dharma. My new job has a convenience store a bit down the road, but it is also across a busy highway with no button for pedestrians to push to stop traffic. So really its a non-option because I am in a wheelchair and my addiction does not, umm… cause me to risk my life.
So here I have before me another example of circumstances guiding me toward my dharma. Another one would be a lunch order miscommunication for our weekly team meetings which once left out my Coke then the next week got me water instead of Coke. I plan on changing my standing order to water. I can take a hint, for cryin’ out loud!
It makes me wonder if there is an anti-Ganesha…He Who Puts Up Barriers For My Own Good. But I digress.
I know, more than ever, and can’t stress enough, that kicking addictions is not achieved by circumstances alone. Meaning just because it is physically impossible for me to get a bottle of pop when I am working does not mean I have succeeded. Success is when you stop thinking about ways to get that bottle of pop. This of course is found all throughout the Bhagavad-Gita. Renunciation of violence is not achieved in simply walking off the battle field and hiding.
This all probably sounds funny, you know, 12-step program for Hindus, but I come from a family where addiction rules supreme. So it is not something to be trifled with, for me.

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2 Responses to How the Highway and Miscommunications Play Into My Personal Dharma

  1. Dhrishti says:

    I’ll have to dig to find some anti-Ganapati.

    Related, but not entirely: I’ve heard of Alakshmi (anti-Lakshmi). Apparently, just as people can do things to attract the boons of Ma Lakshmi, they can similarly attract the “boons” of Alakshmi… keeping a dirty home is high on the list, among many other things which are said to not only prevent Lakshmi’s presence or deter Her, but also to actually attract her opposite, Alakshmi.

    Nice post, bhai, I’m glad to read of your in-depth understanding of our Gita and the concept of vairagya.

    Om Shanti

  2. tread says:

    Ah, so cleanliness is, indeed, next to God(ess)liness!

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