The Stigmata of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

by Aranyakananda

Over the past few days, a bright red dot – likely an allergic reaction to something – has developed just above the bridge of my nose, between my eyes. Looks like a tilak, the sandalwood paste marking worn on the forehead by Hindus. But it is a little sore and oozy. Probably because I keep scratching it.

So naturally it got me thinking about Stigmata (ex-Catholic, remember).

Generally stigmata is an affliction/blessing which has historically been attributed to various Catholic saints down through the ages, mostly those who were vehemently devout. It is characterized by bleeding of the palms and sometimes the side of the abdomen, mimicking the wounds of the Christ on the crucifix.

I am not the devout Hindu bhakti that I aspire to be, feel the calling to be, so don’t read into this. I am not making any claims for myself. But being that my oozy wound is in the natural position of a tilak, I wondered if there were ever any Hindu cases resembling stigmata, or in any other religious traditions. I figured with the various mythologies regarding a savior who died for the sins of the world, there should be a few out there. (There is not really anything in Hinduism about a savior who died for our sins, and certainly not by crucifixion, so that is why I say “resembling” stigmata).
Apparently Buddhist art is peppered with images resembling stigmata. I don’t know a lot of that history. But in Hinduism, the only case I have found was that of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, a Vaishnava saint of the 15th-16th centuries, who in some traditions is worshiped as an incarnation of Lord Krishna. It seems in moments of extreme spiritual bliss, the saint would bleed for various points in his skin. This sounds remarkably like the accounts of the stigmata of Catholic saints such as Francis of Assisi.

Has anyone heard of any other non-Catholic stigmata-like phenomenon?

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8 Responses to The Stigmata of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu

  1. Sileny Tata says:

    I was wondering the same the same mark and I found your post. I am not a catholic and I don’t know why I searched for this.

  2. Rod says:

    Greetings to you both, I landed here in search of an answer that I’m looking for, every now and then I get a bright mark like a tilak exactly on the bridge of my nose usually appears in the morning and stays on me for day, sometimes I have seen it appear for a few hours and then it goes, it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t itch it is just very weird and I’m sure it means something, I have been told it could be the opening of my third eye, I doubt this could be an allergic reaction.

    I believe it has a very strong meaning or message which I’m yet to learn, it feels like I need to do something for me or others but I need to have more “clues” per say.

    Very happy not to be the only one with this strange marking, I wish you all the best and may one day find out what this is all about.


  3. Bela says:

    xD you´re not alone ^^
    got a red dot between the eyebrows too, are you religious or spiritually severe to your self?


    • treadmarkz says:

      Thanks Bela. I am a Hindu, not at all spiritually severe to myself. I try to be religious about certain practices (sadhanas) – but perhaps it is a sign to be more severe in my dedication?

      • Bela says:

        I believe the most important thing is, to have a good heart from the free will, especially when people around you are blind from their anger and act in a manner, they shouldn´t or wouldn´t normally.

      • treadmarkz says:

        Good advice. Pranams.

  4. Chucky Yogi says:

    Same thing has happened to me a couple of times. I am trying to find out more about it. I would imagine that you could find instances of that in the Autobiography of a Yogi or in Gopi Krishna’s dealings with kundalini. I have been working with kundalini for many years now, and only now am I seeing this type of phenomena. I am not severe with myself, but I am very earnest with my tapas and sadhana. So I would imagine it is some sort of indication of the opening of the third eye. I know Shiva usually keeps his close until he is pissed. The times this has happened to me so far (like tonight) is when I am really earnest and am receiving a jolt of shakti or am really really concentrating on an aspect of my mantra.

  5. Keith says:

    I woke today with this mark. I have had several recent episodes of Shakti Enlightenment. I am severe with myself emotionally, not so much spiritually. I am not Hindu or Buddhist, but many of my belief systems are fairly parallel with that of Buddhism that I know. The funny thing is that I am in a transitional time with great uncertainty and a very narrow path to travel. I find it a bit ironic that this spot happened on my forehead today and caused me to be typing in this website right now.

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