How to Turn Your Mustache Into a Devotional Activity

by Aranyakananda

I informed my friends and family through Facebook tonight, just for laughs, that I intended to grow a handlebar mustache. One of those ‘staches that you wax up on the tips and curl it round and round like a villain in a stage melodrama or Rollie Fingers. Anyway I started thinking about this, how people can grow attached to growing their hair out a certain length, or having a beard or mustache or whatever else.  I started thinking how these things can lead to body-consciousness, which is a major stumbling block toward the recognition of the inherent divine nature. But then I started thinking about how one could make this, with the proper outlook, into a spiritual experience, a discipline. It could take many years to grow such a mustache, for one thing. And say what you will, it is a commitment requiring patience just like the spiritual path of inner discovery. And secondly, getting up every morning and waxing it and curling it up is a discipline just as applying the tilak to one’s forehead is a spiritual discipline for Hindus. The application of the tilak allows one to keep his thoughts on the Lord while applying. I already have a tilak tattoo (though not on my forehead) and I am not much into japa. So we’ll see. It is up to oneself what he want’s to focus his mind upon whilst waxing his mustache. It might as well be the Lord.

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2 Responses to How to Turn Your Mustache Into a Devotional Activity

  1. Dhrishti says:

    Clever post, bhai! An interesting outlook, for sure.

    I’d add that, with the appropriate outlook – as you mentioned – body consciousness could be a great, deepening, sadhana. Kinda like an “only way out is through” type of thing.

    Depending on one’s inclinations, body consciousness could be a slippery slope; a huge trap. But I think it might also be possible that becoming increasingly aware of one’s body would destroy the denial that is so typical of most body consciousness. It’s like the Hatha Yoga many are familiar with… just physical poses. Literally. Great fitness benefits are to be had. But if you add to that the psycho-spiritual component instilled in yoga from its inception, a new kind of awareness and a new kind of fitness result, i.e. the actual definition of yoga.

    Om shanti

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