Bhagavad-Gita From Two Angles

by Aranyakananda

It is interesting to me how the Bhagavad-Gita can hold so many different meanings, can lead to different aspects of the truth, when looked at from differing perspectives. I just want to write about one example.

The Kurukshetra battlefield during the Bharata War which is the setting of the Gita, can be seen as a literal war, and the battleground can be seen as our lives, the enemies being our senses and bad habits. That being said, there is a section in chapter 2, specifically verses 33-36 in which Krishna implores Arjuna to fight the war.

In these verses, he appears to be appealing to Arjuna’s ego in that his enemies will put him down and no longer see him as a the great warrior that he is known to be if he decides not to fight the war. But this is if you see a literal war at Kurukshetra in the Gita.

But if we see this war as a battle between our wisdom and our senses/habits, we see that Krishna is not appealing to Arjuna’s ego, but petitioning him to transcend the ego. What he now appears to be telling Arjuna is that if we give in to our material desires, and habits, so easily give up the fight and let them run the show, thinking that the bodily fulfillment is the most important thing in the world (ego), then these enemies (desires and habits) will know from that day forward that we are weak, and will forever mock us with their false promises of fulfillment and worldly pleasures.

It is an every day fight against the maya (delusion) of the material world.  From this perspective, it is easy to identify with Christianity and its conception of Satan and all of his false promises.

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One Response to Bhagavad-Gita From Two Angles

  1. Dhrishti says:

    An awesome assessment!

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